Even after being aware of the negative impacts of fast fashion brands, we found ourselves guilty of buying from them. We want to constantly reinvent our style while being mindful so we found a sweet spot with second-hand consumption. We want to catalyze the culture of second-hand consumption while making pre-loved fashionable. Also, we hate seeing a perfectly good piece of clothing lose it's potential by lying in the cupboard so we are working towards providing a platform where every individual can simply share the love for fashion with each other.

Each piece is quality checked, cleaned and curated with a lot of love. We are also constantly brewing multiple things to make this space more fun for you to explore, experiment, share and upgrade your style.

What inspires us?

Fashion, art, conversations and wholesome people! 


We have seen some magical things happen when people from different backgrounds but a common interest to learn and grow get together.

Also, don’t you think doing things together makes it much more fun and meaningful?

In the world of AI, connect with real people. Join our community to exchange ideas, inspirations, attend events or to just find your shopping twin!

P.S: We have some really cool things planned for you ;)

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We are a sucker for style at heart, and we only put out the pieces that speak to us!


We care about the planet as much as we care about your style so we make conscious choices every step of the way. We have partnered with Planet to off-set carbon emissions from every shipping, and our packaging is made of recycled materials and a hell lot of love.


We quality check every garment through our 5 point assessment, and make sure it reaches you squeaky clean!

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