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GGPX Overcoat

GGPX Overcoat

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Size: M

Condition: Good as new

Returns Policy

We understand that not all clothes may speak to your personal style so within seven days of receiving your product you can write to us at, and we'll process a return. To respect the different stakeholders involved in delivering your item, we won't be able to accept a return beyond this timeline.

Note: This is subject to the exact condition the item was received in.

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Why Buy Second Hand?

Because if everyone bought ONE used item instead of a New one, we would save

↓ CO₂ 5.7B of CO₂ emissions

↓ Water 25B gallons of water

↓ Energy 11B kWh of energy

*Source: Loop Generation

Frequently Asked Questions

How to sell ?

Visit the sell section on the website, fill out the seller form and once approved, our team will reach out and take care of the rest.

Are the items clean ?

We only list the items that are new/almost new/in great condition. We also dry clean every clothing item and communicate transparently about the condition.

What is 'retail value' ?

Since the items are preloved, 'retail value' represents the estimated original retail price of a comparable item of the similar quality.

How is Genhaat a conscious brand ?

We are aware that running any brand involves use of resources, so we try to adopt conscious practices every step of the way. We use recycled packaging materials, we off-set the carbon emissions from every new delivery and promote the culture of second-hand consumption every chance we get.